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DIY Butterfly Book Sculpture

DIY Butterfly Book Sculpture

bee by elsa mora - elsita paper sculpture

Alice in Wonderland Paper Sculpture by Papernoodle. Look over at the side of link for making of wonderland to see the making of these paper crafting.

lovely flying boats made from paper and scrap fabric

Lorraine Corrigan of Hounds of Bath in England works with wire, papier mâché, and old book pages to capture the delicate features of sighthounds.

All Things Paper: Papier Mâché Dogs - Lorraine Corrigan

Nice tutorial on paper mache sculpture. Very helpful.

diy paper mache skulls.. the only thing i dont like about this "tutorial" is that you need a skull as a base.. im sure i could swing this without that though. thankfully i have crafty skillz.

Grim Hollow Haunt: Paper Mache Skulls

Wire, plastic and foil, masking tape then paper mache ~ too complicated for class, just wanted to pin this for future for me.

10+ Awesome D.I.Y Ideas for Vegan Taxidermy

maud vantours - paper sculpture ♥

Odd daily compliment


'Towards dark we sat for a short while'' by Louise O'Hara of DrawntoStitch www.drawntostitch...

Make your own gift bag out of newspaper!

Art journal assignment: do initial pencil sketch to frame object, then add darkest tones first in black marker, or charcoal. Add torn paper details then finish by highlighting with white and gray pastels.

"every night i look up at the freckled sky and fall in love with the universe all over again. i will be counting the stars for the rest of my life."