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A 'whole world' just got Rose...

Twitter / DoctorWhoFanz_: Russell T. Davies about Rose ...

The Face of Boe's cryptic words from Season 3 were given an extra layer of meaning.

"I'm tired, can't we just be cybermen. I FIND this particularly humorous."

Steve Rogers

They always had it in them, they just needed an opportunity to shine!

The Doctor Turns Boys Into Badasses

Definitely one of my favorite couples in the entire show

Royals (Time Lorde version) you know you sang it

Nine and Rose GIF: Previous Pinner- This is what I imagine happened every time Mickey called her as they were off traveling through time and space. He may have verbally acknowledged Mickey as her boyfriend in this episode, but I think he was already the protective new boyfriend. And the look she gives him is priceless.

"44% Brits think that we should have a space programme. But Britan does have a space programme - Doctor Who." ~ Jimmy Carr