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Prince and Vanity on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Jamie Foxx back in the day

Thriller's Ola Ray, nuff said.

LA Reid and Babyface in their pre-super producer days in The Deele.

The White Shadow's Stoney Jackson with his super curl

Soul Glo ad from Coming To America

Samuel L. Jackson as Jules in Pulp Fiction.

Oprah Winfrey before the billions.

Ready For The World

Pedro Martinez with a 21st century curl. Boston Redsox. New York Mets

Keenan Ivory Wayans in the Hollywood Shuffle

Sexual Chocolate!!! Coming to matter how many times I've seen it I still laugh! CLASSIC!!

Michael Jackson's Thriller video changed the way videos were made for MTV- before they had only existed as short commercial like musical performances. After Thriller, the story of the song and the filming of it spawned a new Grammy category. Short Film. In the early 80's, the trinity of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Madonna with the help of MTV changed the way we experienced music- and rock obtained a new platform.

Ice Cube True West Coast lyricist. Wrote most of the lyrics for NWA. Who knew he'd become movie producer extraordinaire?!?!

Let your soul glow!