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My mom chasing down 90

My girl Olivia at Paynes Prairie

Sam and Neil on their wedding day

Big sis Jane Otto relishing a Philly soft pretzel delivered to her in Minnesota

Sean trekking with Google Street View camera near Hillsboro Inlet. Photo by Pete Cross

If there was a 2014 Men of Google Street View Calendar ... Pete Cross photo

Sean on the farm in Lester Prairie, Minn. Love this guy.

Olivia in Costa Rica

Olivia on Cocoa Beach

Sean hoisting logs in Minnesota

My beautiful bride, Jaye Ann Terry

My girl Olivia. Love her. Proud of her.

Chelsea fan Sean and the Champions League trophy. Summer 2012. Love this guy.

Sam and Neil. Getting married in October. Love 'em

For Jaye

5411 Discher St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

  • Kevin McGeever

    The rowhouse of my youth. When I was 5, I fell off the second level of that side wall and fractured my skull. Explains a lot.

The Kids, 1994: Jenny, Eric, Olivia, Neil, Sean and Katie

The Kids, 2012: Jenny, Eric, Olivia, Neil, Sean and Katie

Eric Otto, stable boy

Kevin, center, with Mom and Jane, Minnesota

Stella, the big dog. 14-plus now, but the tail still works happily.

  • Kevin McGeever

    Bless you, Stella. You made it to 15-plus years and the tail wagged until the end.

Sean gives the fifth-graders a taste of Beast Mode.

Sean and Jaye at Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, Winter 2012

Four of the six Ottos: Jane (big sister), Jenny, Neil and Kate.