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Abandoned Structures and Urban Decay. I try to be selective with these pins because I hate my feed being flooded with generic decay pics too!

BaubleBar Hermes Ear Cuff

Hermes Ear Cuff

Church flooded by a hydroelectric dam in Petrolandia, Brazil

The beauty of the most haunted and mysterious abandoned amusement parks on Earth

Main dining hall- Abandoned Catskills resort. Destroyed and Abandoned : Photo

Completely Surreal Photos Of America's Abandoned Malls. This pic is from Crestwood Mall, St. Louis

Completely Surreal Photos Of America's Abandoned Malls

Children playing by the detritus of warfare on a now-quiet Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, three years after D-Day (1947)

The West Pier, Brighton The West Pier was built in 1866 by Eugenius Birch and has been closed and deteriorating since 1975. The pier caught fire in 2003. Firefighters were unable to save the building from destruction because the collapsed walkway prevented them from reaching it. High winds caused the middle of the pier to collapse completely in June 2004. Hopes for restoring the pier have now ceased.

The Abandoned Penn Hills Resort Wedding Bell Shaped Honey Moon Pool.

Clothing left in the Hurstmont Estate, Harding Township, New Jersey. The township is now trying to aquire this property so it can be divided and new houses can be built there. #abandoned

Abandoned Railroad Bridge


You can almost feel the romance in the air from the beautifully dressed men and women who prob walked up that awesome stair case. Such a shame it's trashed