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I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie Custom by PamelaFugateDesigns

Nectar Essences Sleep Spray – $28

Having fun with nails! ( I need more colors)

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Lip Gloss...just got a sample from Sephora as a gift with purchase and's actually totally awesome! Haven't bought Clinique since my early twenties, but this, this I will seek out!! Wonderful!

color du jour

  • Bev Doan

    This is very similar to the OP color I had my toes done in early November. I like it very much. Looked good with my skin tone. I had my fingernails done in a taupe shade that complimented it nicely too.

  • Elizabeth Hagovsky

    love this. it also looks a lot like an the Revlon color Smokey Canvas. Love!!

NARS...this stick solves every day make up application in one product!

across the universe.

  • Bev Doan

    Probably a bit too 'glittery' for your less glitzy Mom!

  • Kristen Frederick

    no way...would look AWESOME on you! check out the pick of the actual nails on the other Make Me Pretty, Please board! they look so pretty and actually quite subtle! It will surprise you!

That Pickle Guy love love!

  • Bev Doan

    Haven't checked recently, but if it's not there it would be nice if each individual Costco, Sams, etc. would be listed on the web site. It's hard to figure out exactly where stores are by region only.

  • Kristen Frederick

    Hey Mom! yes, we have actually met with a new website designer...I'm not a fan of the current site or the designer so we are moving on! And yes, a listing of stores individually will be at the top of the list... :)