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Standing Abs Workout. This is nice because once I start mat exercises is when the dogs and the cat decide they need attention.

If you think “sit-ups” is a four-letter word, then we have good news. The dreaded crunch isn’t the only way to a sculpted stomach. In fact, abs moves done standing up may target even more of your core’s muscles, and they’re great if you find it uncomfortable to get down to the floor to perform exercises. Try this move to get started

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This is How to Grade Students Work on Google Drive ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Follow one of the three programs that Coach Nicole designed for Family Circle to help you shed up to 10 pounds in one month--just by walking. via @SparkPeople

Rise and Stride: Walk Off Up to 10 Pounds in 28 Days

Excellent 15-minute arm routine! Total body exercises for those short on time! From #workout #armworkout #exercise

Brighten your spirits with 7 quick mood boosters! #health

LDL cholesterol not so bad for people who exercise

Stair Workout; Calve Raises: Target muscle: Calves Starting position: Let your heels hang off of the step slightly. Then slowly lift up onto the balls of your feet, using your calves. Do this for 1-2 minutes depending on your fitness level. No excuses you can do these at home or stairs outdoors!!!! Let's go!!! @rubysayed_ #tazsangelsbootcamp *Kinky - @tazsangelsbootcamp- #webstagram

A 5-Minute Yoga Routine for Strong, Slim Arms

A 5-Minute Yoga Routine for Strong, Slim Arms

Daily Exercise routine - Health, it's an inside out job!! Im already doing some of these, plus different exercises and I see improvements!

The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout ..This workout definitely raised my heart rate and had me feeling the burn! I especially liked the exercises during last half of the video.

The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout

Clamshell works on the stubborn lower abs and inner thigh!! 30 reps repeat x3. This hurts. We do this in our workout class.

Clamshell | Women's Health Magazine

Don't just work out so you can fit into a tight dress — make it a habit with these tricks.

Do you do squats? They are great because there's so many ways to do them! Click to find out our Top 10 Squat Variations to build, sculpt, and lift your butt and give you the curves you want! #RippedNFit

This def killed my legs and lower abs! used a 7 pound weight

Bicycles are twice as effective as a traditional crunch. Aim to do three sets of 15 reps.

7 Day Arm Jiggle Challenge