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recycled linen crafts

things made from vintage linens etc

Clutch from Vintage Linens

Vintage Lace Wreath / Mothers Day Wreath / Romantic by treasured2

Stunning Shabby Chic Doily Flowers - jennings644 - YouTube

Wooden hanger wearing a shirt collar with organdy old nightdress

A candle dressed a round embroidered linen

Bedspread antique fabrics lined with canvas and adorned with red embroidered monograms

shabby vintage chair covered in crochet doilies - perfect!

Add Lace to your windows with cornstarch Ikea Billy book case doors here I come!

Vintage With Lace Keyring

▶ Vintage Handmade Flower using your lace remains - YouTube

Fabric and Lace Collage

  • Karen Holford

    Yes, I will too, one day. It's so lovely!

  • Jody Regan

    It's the " one day" that is my problem.....It always turns into next week, next month, sometimes next year or the dreaded never .....get too caught up in other things, like looking through my piles of beautiful linens and doilies that I fear I'll never use.

  • Karen Holford

    Same here! I have a whole load of linens longing to be blended into something beautiful! I must pause and enjoy them and make them into something beautiful I'll see everyday to warm my heart.

  • Jody Regan

    I really hope you do Karen, and then post it here. Hopefully it will be what finally inspires me to stop buying yet more vintage linens, lace, doilies and just looking at them; then I'm stonewalled for so many reasons. At least I really enjoy looking through them all from time to time, but I have so many that I could probably craft or stitch two or three things in that amount of time. I fear it's a(n) almost hopeless cause.

  • Karen Holford

    Mmm, I have a similar addiction and problem! Keep trying to book a week to make things, but I'm a freelance writer and work has to come first! I have made a lovely duvet cover from vintage linens, and a bed skirt, gathering some of the good parts of torn linens to an old sheet. They have worked well. So keep hoping, In the mean time if looking at them collecting them makes you happy, enjoy the moment. I also made a lovely bed skirt using worn table cloths and then cutting worn napkins on the diagonal and gathering them up on top of the table cloth layer to make like petals. Quite pretty. None of these projects took more than a day, I also want to stitch doilies all over a new whole cloth quilt that I got in a sale...Need to finish the writing first...

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Mandy Pattullo - Unframed appliqued bird with embroidery on to vintage crazy quilt scrap

The Purl Bee - machine stitch vintage looking stripes into your linen tea towels.

A Textile for Aldeburgh by Su Harris (Living On The Edge blog) __ "A textile inspired by the light and textures found in Aldeburgh in Suffolk. A mix of hand and machine stitching."

This old window has a delicate feel. the maker has added vintage lace as the backdrop with hand made lace pockets and tucked a piece of old paper inside for interest... Love this!!