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Loved to collect these!

Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down


  • Angela Nitti

    I was just talking about these!! These were my kind of toys...

  • Pattie Warner Hughes

    We had!

  • Laurie Brown

    We called 'em KerBongers; they were made from glass(?), bruised the crap out of your fingers and had the added bonus of shattering into shards. Ah, good times.

  • Ashley C

    What do you do with them (besides injure yourself apparently)?

  • Laurie Brown

    Hope this link works: http://www.fourthgradenothi.... There is a link near the end that shows how you were supposed to play with them... but this guy in the video is like a savant. I could do this for maybe five seconds before I smashed the crap out of my fingers.

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Mrs. Brady....shag haircut

Lunch Boxes

  • Tina Foust

    Oh yes , I remember him !! I was a member of his fan club way back then ! Actually there are still some stickers of his face on my bedroom door at my parents house to this day . Too funny!!

  • Pamela King

    I still have my albums from him ♥ him

  • Kathy Boyd

    I remember :)