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Video tutorial for a beginner on how to knit dishcloths. They are so easy and quick to make and are the perfect handmade gift for all those special people in your life! (via lifeingrace)

Free Pet Portrait and Animal Painting Lessons - Teach yourself how to paint pet portraits, farm animals, birds and wildlife. Learn at home and at your own pace. Follow any of two dozen free, online tutorials by professional artists.

Something about this guy just makes me happy...I think I like his hair-do

Brown Recluse Spider, Extremely Dangerous, contains 9 poisons, similar to rattlesnake venom. Self Treatment - Stage 1 - If you've been bitten by this spider (or any spider), the 1st thing you should do is apply activated charcoal directly to wound (keep in medicine cabinet for poison emergencies). You can find it in capsules sold at health food stores, or you can buy it in the aquarium dept. of a grocery store. Charcoal must be finely ground before it's used. Apply thick paste to bite area.

How to dry shoes in a dryer w/out noise or damage. So freaking smart. - Work on front loading dryers as well

Drop Leaf Breakfast Bar Top Kitchen Island with 24 in. Shield Back Stools modern kitchen islands and kitchen carts

Out for a stroll at The Buen Retiro Park, Madrid

Want to go camping but don't have a van?? I've found the perfect tent for you!! - Replica 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van 4-person Tent - Licesnsed by VW (Blue) by Volkswagen

There's only two ingredients. That's right, just the cake mix and the pumpkin (15 oz.). No oil, no eggs, no water, nothing else. The end result is an amazing, incredibly moist muffin/cupcake with a hint of pumpkin flavor.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

If a thief forces you to take money from an ATM, do not argue or resist. What you should do is punch your pin in reverse. EX: if your pin is 1234 you punch 4321. The moment you punch in the reverse, the money will come out but will be stuck in the machine and the machine will immediately alert the police without the theif's knowledge. Every ATM has this feature.

"DON'T HONK AT OLD PEOPLE: A lady was videotaping her son riding a skate board when her attention switched to an old woman trying to cross the street. You can hear the lady who is doing the taping giggling as she records the event. The video is a quick one .... but you'll probably watch it more than once. Aren't air bags great?"

Opa's outdoor fireplace... Not bad for a guy in his 70's

  • Donna Araki

    Ooohhhh, that turned out awesome! Can't wait to sit by it with a fire, roasting marshmallows.

Bike Spikes. Dutch designer Cesar Van Rongen created these bike spikes, they are the equivalent of snow chains but for bicycles…