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Great Office Interiors

{DIY "bubble" chandelier made from clear Christmas ornaments on string} Not sure where we could do one of these, but it is really actually simple to do.

Paint chips behind a frame = dry erase calendar. If we got larger paint swatches in the same color scheme and a really awesome frame, I think this could be a really great dry erase calendar!

If we end up going the urinal route... haha ;)

Dual drawer dishwasher would be nice. Can wash one drawer or both at time, great for small loads.

10 Things to Consider When Buying an Office Chair - Consideration #8 Corporate Image and your Office Chair Corporate image today is maintained by far more than signage and a logo, and your office chairs can say a lot about your business. For instance, high-end, high-design chairs tell your customers (and employees) that you are a cutting-edge, luxury brand.