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Budget Sewing Project ideas for elementary school Kids

I'm a volunteer Fashion Design/Sewing teacher at my kids school. I teach 3rd thru 8th graders in the afterschool program. My challenges include: no budget, limited supplies, and many kids struggle with attention, motor skill, and confident issues. I have tested some of these projects but most are ideas that I want to try!

This is a simple collection about some of the more common fabrics. Feather's Flights {a creative, sewing blog}: Sewing101 - Fabric and Fiber Types

Color Wheel for Elementary Students I’ve found that most color wheels are either too complicated (lots of sections and subsections) or too simple (three overlapping balloons) for your average elementary student. My solution is to make my own, and also diagram primary, secondary, warm, cool and complementary colors. You can download a copy for free HERE (new link). Enjoy!

Art Projects for Kids

Turn your fabric scraps into twine

My Poppet – Scrapbusting: Handmade Scrap Fabric Twine

The Ultimate Skirt Vocabulary

The Ultimate Skirt Vocabulary

DIY: scrap fabric shade

Pen's Scrap Fabric Shade

I-Spy Bean bags and Simple Sewing: 30 Fast and Easy Projects for sewing book for beginning sewists EVER!

Craft Foam Sewing Cards

Classic crafts Archives - Fun Family Crafts

Why is process art more important than the end product? A fun, open ended bat craft for kids.

Printable Sewing Sheets to Get Your Kid Familiar With How to Use the Sewing Maching

12 Easy Sewing Projects For Kids| Spoonful

Fabric Pom Pom pens tutorial! Other great fabric crafts as well

SewSara: pom-pom pens!

Easy DIY Wooden Beaded Bracelets Craft for Kids

Crafts for Kids: Wooden Beaded Bracelet - Playful Learning

photo guide to different embroidery stitches-

آموزش تصویری چند نوع کوک برای گلدوزی

YoungTeacherLove: Ideas on building community through respect with your students. Freebie included!

Young Teacher Love: Building Community Through Respect (Freebie)