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Wild & Wacky Games for Children's Church

Divide into teams of three. Have a ton of 6 -8" balloons blown up in advance and a new pair of ladies pantyhose for each team. Each team is to see how balloons they can stuff into the pantyhose as creatively as possible making a hat for one of their team members. The audience votes for the winning team.

Kids love icky gooey games. In this contest you divide into teams of two, as many as you care to have. Give them a small bowl of 20-25 lifesavers or goldfish unwrapped. One teammate is to put the lifesaver/goldfish in their mouth, get it all wet, then stick it to the face of their partner. Whichever team has the most lifesavers stuck to their face in one minute wins. Keep disinfectant wipes on hand for cleaning the faces.