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Laugh Away

Stuff that made me laugh, if you wind up offended by images/language/crude humor that may be in a few of these then you should probably throw your computer away and go join a fucking convent.

only thing sadder than the lion king? this picture =(

Reactions To Derrick Rose's Injury, From Heartfelt To Hilarious

super villain at his finest

Things we learned from Twilight

  • Sam Nantz

    This would be a lot funnier if you watched mean girls.

Hilarious status update

"you have disappointed me for the last time" -vader!

Upper left panel speaks the truth

Funny Pics {06.04.2012} (30 photos) - Xaxor

should introduce these people to letters, email, text messages ect.

vanilla coke is my fav too!

I'd have the same issue lol

crisps: British talk for chips

Funny: Dog & owner text messages (6 photos) - Xaxor

why dogs aren't allowed in the bedroom

dog texts!

Funny: Dog & owner text messages (6 photos) - Xaxor

"so you just hit it and quit it?"

"my eyes are up here"

moms got some explaining to do