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Diana and Reed Vreeland. Note her leopard print bag. The sandals are those she had made in Capri after viewing the famed pornographic wall paintings at Pompeii. Restricted to male tourists at the time, D.V. obtained special permission from Mussolini. And amongst the painted figures was a slave whose duties included satisfying the lady of the house, wearing the simplest thong sandal as befit his status. The Capri sandal was born.

Sophia Loren with her arm around her husband, Carlo Ponti

Знаменитости в объективах фотографов. Часть 2

William Powell and Carole Lombard in Richard Wallace's "Man of the World." 1931. A young American girl visits Paris accompanied by her fiancee and her wealthy uncle. There she meets and is romanced by a worldly novelist; what she doesn't know is that he is a blackmailer who is using her to get to her uncle.

Man of the World (1931)

Lupe Velez

Gary Cooper and Lupe Velez....One of Vélez's more publicized relationships was with actor Gary Cooper. Vélez met Cooper during the filming of The Wolf Song, and began a two-year affair with him. About her romance with Cooper, Dietrich said: "Gary was totally under the control of Lupe". When Cooper filmed Morocco, he found time to have an affair with Dietrich, despite the constant presence of Vélez on the set.

October 1973 — Fred Williamson is Playgirl magazine's first African-American celebrity centerfold.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr and his father Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

Cary and friend | Golden Age of Hollywood

Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether, Batman by Truus, Bob & Jan too!, via Flickr

Alain Delon and Jane Fonda on a boat on the French Riviera filming 'Les Félins', 1963.

Pele and British captain Bobby Moore trade jerseys in 1970 as a sign of mutual respect during a World Cup that had been marred by racism.