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an arrow i actually like. arrows only move forward by being pulled back. think about it.

[My Little Pony] FiM Discussion Thread 3: Applejack's Farm - Page 75

LOVE my white ink tattoo! It says "Analaigh", which means "Breathe" in Gaelic... I chose Gaelic to support my Irish heritage and I chose the word "Breathe" because I have an anxiety disorder

I'm seriously getting this!!!!

I want the word breathe on the inside of my left foot in this font. The word breathe will remind me to do so when I'm struggling with my anxiety.

Rise above (anxiety) tattoo-- upper ribs, love it!

serotonin tattoo- neurotransmitter and hormone that controls mood,happiness, and anxiety

I think of my anxiety as a wave. As it rises I know it will eventually fall and I use that as my inspiration to make it through my panic attacks

Red shoes, Mustang tattoo love it!

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"The semicolon represents a sentence the author could've ended but chose not to. The author is you, and the semicolon is your life." wow...I hadn't heard of this until now. Regardless of the "event," I think the above sentence may be useful for some to hear.