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Tattoos on this town 《♡》

If I ever got a tattoo, the symbol for "hakuna matata" would be perfect for me! Not only would a Disney tattoo be perfect for me, but I also need to follow that mantra more because I'm such an anxious person

I laaaaaa love how its outlined with color like this ! I know want mine like this instead of my first idea :) Little Mermaid Tattoo

Little mermaid tattoo but I want it outlined the color it's supposed to be. And I want flounder in there lol

Wolf dreamcatcher tattoo. Ultimate Arts Madison Wisconsin

Dreamcatcher Wolf design by ~AshesOfTheSage on deviantART

Dreamcatcher--change the paw in the middle to a wolf paw and I could even add in the arrowhead and have my tattoo. :)

Anchor wrist tattoo ⚓ but want the one with the heart & cross incorporated to mean "faith, hope & love"

Dream catcher tattoo ♥

Like the dream catcher part but def no peacock feathers idk about the flowers

Persevering Your Feather Tattoos ideas: Original Feather Tattoo Ideas For Girl On Calf ~ Men Tattoos Inspiration

Feather tattoo design by Dina Verplank

feather tattoo ... like this one too ... i don't know how I feel about colors though ... ??!?

Feather Tattoo via Tumblr very soon my tat will look this solid!!! xoxo

fine feather Tattoo, like the smaller one. I like how it's not a stereotypical feather tattoo, but a realistic one

998321_647994568565613_532047775_n.jpg (574×960)

Ohana tattoo, love this font!

Ohana infinity tattoo!! Ohana meaning- family and family means no one ever gets left behind or forgotten

Ohana... change it up a little bit... Throw a Robin in there some where

Not a tattoo kinda girl but I like this...Ohana means family & family means nobody gets left behind!

So cute I like the look of the henna better than a tattoo for this one