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Food fun ~ fancy cakes... and the occasional cookie

The stuff I likely won't make :-( but oh so pretty!

Jewiah Star Cake. Would be fun to decorate this using M&Ms

Cake with Magen David (Star of David)

Castle Cake - Two square cakes, chocolate frosting, chocolate cookies and lots of Hersheys chocolate bars!

Game of Thrones Wedding cake. Dragon's eggs. Denaerys. Dragon. Sugar flowers. Egg.

Ruby Hearts and Pearls

black silver and purple wedding cakes | The colour purple - Weddings, Babies and Life in General

Sabres Cupcakes- - must find a way to make these! Think we can do this... Mary? Nicole? :D

Mice and Cheese (143) Round cakes decorated to look like cheeses. Special supports are decorated to resemble comical mice in top hats with their arms above their heads as though supporting the tiers.

Black and white kitty cake!