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Fall Festival

Silent Auction Basket Ideas | Posted by Dawn. at 9:16 PM 1 comment:

Food for your soul

Christmas trees made out of plant pots - adorable. :) 'Course I'd have to be all traditional and paint them green with multi colored decorations, and of course GLITTER!!!

The O'Donnell Nest: Flower Pot Christmas Tree

How to make DIY cakestands with thrift store finds!!

DIY Cakestands | The Happier Homemaker

Oh my goodness! What a lovely gift to give! This handmade domed cake stand is so easy to make...anyone can do it!

Mini Cake stand: anthro-inspired.

So fun! Could also be used as a class project or auction piece by writing names on each bulb.

Handmade Cookie Jar - Cookies could be printed with sponge and chips are fingerprints. Could pair with matching aprons.

FIngerprint Plate. This would be a great "thank you" gift for teachers or for a school fundraiser/auction.

This would be a cute Grandparent's day craft... all the leaves could be grandchildren's fingerprints.

Next time I have to donate a basket for a raffle, I'm doing this!!

This blog has tons of gift basket ideas....with fun printable tags too!

This easy-to-do craft results in a terrific table decoration or a seasonal gift!