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When photographers go too far. All of these pins have been re-pinned from another user who actually thought they were cute. PSA: Please don't do this to your child.

For the love of pete.. seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY?

Flipper « 02/2/2013

Irony was that this poor kid will grow up to be deathly allergic to peanuts.

  • Vae Victis

    I hate, hate, HATE posed newborn photos, esp, ones that feature the poor kid tucked into some horrible cocoon.

WTF? If you were a mom of twins would you really want to label one kid "the good one" and the other "the bad one"? Ugh.

  • elisha broussard

    Yes i would i jabe twin boys and this was insperation to one of the halloween costums i want

Everyone knows a baby doesn't really come with "The Right To Remain Silent" Oh wait!? Is that a can of mace?

This is creepily obvious that it is staged. It is uncomfortably unnatural.

Baseball would be a much more interesting sport if everyone wore THIS uniform. Side note: Did this baby just sneeze or something? Or maybe he is spitting chew..

This looks like the baby rolled off the changing pad and into a drawer. Seriously.

For crying out loud! Take the clothes OFF the kids before folding it and putting it away!

This baby looks like he is sick.. probably too much candy.

These Peas Taste Funny: Photo Tips - Baby Poses
  • Kayla

    newborns and glass just don't mix for photos.. :/

AHHHHHH!!!! Runs screaming in fear.. The stuff nightmares are made of

even though this baby's 4 weeks old, he still knows someone put something horrible on his head...look at his face! Wait.. or else he is pooping.