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The 50 best read aloud chapter books for young kids - this is an awesome list!

The 50 best read-aloud chapter books for young kids

When an enchanted grove is set ablaze, Ella realizes she has more grave problems. With her magic waning, she’s going to have to sleuth from scratch to stop an arsonist who has no respect for sacred ground—or human life…

Book Vending Machine. WHERE ARE THESE THINGS?!?! WHAT?!!! ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ why are we not funding this!?

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren Illustrated by Nancy Seligohn Viking Press, 1973 [1959]

A catering, mystery solving, independent, mom with spunk! Goldy Schultz, I love your recipes and Diane Mott Davidson is a genius for writing her!!!!!!

This Pen For Hire by Laura Levine - Smarmy personals ads. Daring declarations of love. Writer-for-hire Jaine Austen has penned them all. But when one of the love connections she made is broken up by murder, Jaine finds herself freelancing free-of-charge--and uncovering more than she bargained for. (Bilbary Town Library: Good for Readers, Good for Libraries)

Pampered to Death by Laura Levine (Bilbary Town Library: Good for Readers, Good for Libraries)

The book that began my love of New Orleans


"Arousing from the most profound of slumbers, we break the gossamer web of some dream. Yet in a second afterward, (so frail may that web have been) we remember not that we have dreamed." Edgar Allan Poe, The Pit and the Pendulum. I LOVE EDGAR ALLEN POE STORIES AND POEMS