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color sequence cards for butterfly lifecycle

Extraordinary Classroom: A Fond Farewell to the Butterflies of 2011

Light Table Mandalas with various materials.

Rainbow Writing. Give the child several colors to trace and retrace a word... Make it developmentally appropriate! Younger kids get shorter, fatter crayons, and maybe just a letter. Older children get their names, and those who have already mastered that can work on meaningful sight words.

January 2011- Writing

ahahaha! Lesson in creativity: what does a germ look like?

germs... | Art Projects from MN Art Gal

Germs Are ICK - They Make Me Sick! (Plus Handwashing Procedure) product from Kindergarten-Lifestyle on

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Another fun way to show how gross germs are! Cut potatoes in half. Keep one half clean. Have students touch the other piece of the potato with their hands and then walk through the classroom and rub it on the floor, and the wall. Put both pieces of potato in a ziplock bag and put them in a dark cupboard for a week. Can you guess which half potato touched the most germs?

Sprinkles to Kindergarten!: Ewwweee! Germs! - shaking hands with different colored paint to show how germs can spread

Sprinkles to Kindergarten!: Ewwweee! Germs!

reinforce pencil control with a simple connect the stickers activity!

Connect the Stickers

Simple pegs and boards... from Rachel (",)

Gradual Admission - Stimulating Learning

kindergarten | Art Projects from MN Art Gal

kindergarten | Art Projects from MN Art Gal

16 Art Picture Books About Drawing and Painting~Click through for the full list and summaries of each book.

Creating Colorful Icicles -- This looks like such a fun winter learning opportunity for kids! (@ Housing A Forest)

Creating Colorful Icicles - Housing a Forest

Colored Ice Activity Bin. This will be so fun when it gets hot!

Coloured Ice Activity Bin - Kids Activities Blog

FREE Alphabet Pattern Block Printables...I am in love with this. Can't wait to use these for daily 5 center time.

Alphabet Pattern Block Worksheets | Confessions of a Homeschooler

Top 5 Books for Soon-To-Be-Kindergarteners

Top 5 Books for Soon-to-be Kindergarteners

Construction play area at Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool ≈≈

Timeline Photos - Peachtree Presbyterian Preschool | Facebook

iPad apps for Kindergarten

Time 4 Kindergarten: What I Learned in Vegas Part 2

"I love my ____ shoes" Pete the Cat writing prompt. Looks like they used watercolors on the shoes! This is adorable!!

Fun in ECSE: A little of this and a little of that