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Hand shadows

Jak zrobić zwierzątka z cienia za pomocą rąk?

29 Insanely Easy DIY Ideas To Improve Your Kitchen Interior - Store knives safely in bamboo skewers.

30 Insanely Easy Ways To Improve Your Kitchen

This will come in handy. How to wear regular bra so the back isn't seen.

Best time to buy tickets

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Why didn't we think of this before?

How to keep your food dry in a cooler while camping

TANK TOP SPACE SAVER - Picked up a few curtain rings from the dollar store....and viola! All your tanks now neatly organized on one hanger.

Put dog bowls in planters for a nicer look on the patio.

Dog Bowls - Cat Bowls - Pet Feeders - Pet Treat Jars

Keeping the flies out of the summer drinks with paper muffin liners

Curtains hung from each shelf in fridge? Wow guilt free standing there with the door open figuring out what you want, lol!

Basically what happens is that you and your mom buy your own pair of Motherspoon and register onto a dedicated platform for file sharing. So when you mom cooks her recipe and uses the spoon to taste her food, the sensor laden spoon picks up the ingredients and deciphers the recipe. When put on its cradle, the spoon loads the recipe to the sharing platform so that you can access it, even if you live miles apart.

I'm dying to make summer movie night happen in my backyard.

Cheap scribe's tool. Mark a scribe line on the board using a pencil and a small washer. The washer follows any bumps or curves in the wall.

Magnet as Tweezer Holder - Stop tweezers from going astray by installing a magnet on the inside of the medicine cabinet and they will always be at your fingertips.

Shower Rod against back wall with wire hanging baskets for tub toy storage. I LOVE this!