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Make your own 50-hour candles for less than 2 dollars a piece. you can even add scents and color. All natural soy even.

How to feather-sex day old baby chicks. If 2 rows of wing feathers are same length, it's a male. 2 separate lengths, female.

How to butcher a pig

A Farmish Kind Of Life: how to butcher a pig, part 2

The Way Grandmama Does It Sharing the homesteading ways of good old Grandmama: Made from Scratch Tips, Home Cooking Recipes, Sewing Projects, Beekeeping, Emergency Preparedness, Backyard Gardening and much more.

Homestead Survival: Step By Step Greenhouse DIY Project

Bronx Couple Set Up a Sustainable Urban Fish Farm in 50-Gallon Recycling Bins