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this workout is SO easy and it only takes 2O minutes; the workout: - 15 jumping jacks - 30 second plank- 25 side crunches - another 30 second plank- 2 5 scissor kicks- 35 sit ups -20 high kicks- 3 min of dancing or running -15 squats. by Naghma

Best work out exercises at your home #workout #fitness #female

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Thigh Workouts...why not. 7 days to skinny jeans...says lauren conrad.

Slimmer Thighs in 7 Days. Yes, it's Possible!

Arm workout for slimmer arms in 6 weeks. I genuinely like these exercises so I'd probably actually do them :)

Great inner thigh exercise. Can also be done without the chair.

slim down all over + leaner legs, tighter butt

You have to make your mind run your body. - George S. Patton

In case you were wondering what is happening to your body while running...

Control your food...Control your life.