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Fashion Favorites

30 Pins

Penelope's little Balenciaga bag I got her for Christmas

Little Balenciaga!
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Kim Kardashian - Topshop Opening in Los Angeles

Prabal Gurung for Topshop Opening!
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Fashion Friday: National Wear Red Day
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Kate Moss

Fashion Friday: National Wear Red Day

So Sex & the City - I felt like Carrie Bradshaw!!

So ‘Sex & The City’
  • Yasmin Karolia

    You and Kanye are a perfect couple!! Team KimYe all the way! Ignore the haters, they are just jealous!! (@miniekardashian on twitter) xxx

  • Lisa Warnick

    Yea I'm so jealous I always wanted to get famous by letting a dirtbag pee on me and video tape it, then help him sell it and pretend that I'm so hurt by it. Oh! Then I can marry a giant fucktard and divorce him ten minutes later and then while still married to him I want to get pregnant by a even bigger asshole!! That sounds like a dream life... Jealous? I don't think so dumbass.

  • Katarina Flynn

    haha Lisa..I so agree..

  • Lisa Warnick

    Thank you Thank you very much! I read that over 100 people RSVP'ed that they arn't going to their joke of a wedding, and that's their friends! Ha ha ha!

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#MatteBlackNails #AllCartierWrist

Good Morning - Kim Kardashian: Official website

Kim Kardashian in the silver Gardinia Gown by Johanna Johnson

Chic airport look


Im so lucky! The Don strikes again!!!

The Don Strikes Again!!!

Stephane Rolland Show Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week: What an Amazing Stephane Rolland Show!!!!

Gorgeous green

Fashion Friday: Emerald

Emerald YSL

Fashion Friday: Emerald

I just wanna chill in my sweats all day...

I Just Wanna Chill in My Sweats all Day!
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Best birthday ever! I'm wearing Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Best Birthday Ever!!
  • Jessie G

    Kimmy you and kanye are perfecto! so happy for you! xx

  • Karissa Gutierrez

    Congrats to the happy couple!! Your baby will be beautiful :)

  • Claudia Volpe

    My fav people , so adorable.

  • ~Blondee~


  • Julia Elder

    Love how accepting you are Kim! I date a half black and half Asian man named RJ. He's perf. Although, we struggle with racism in the small South Carolina town we live in. I just adore your attitude about it. :)

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I admit... this was a fashion faux pas

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Tom Ford.

Large Kidskin Natalia Bag

go faux!

sexy elegance.

Native Fox: October 2012
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Isabel Marant top, Celine skirt, Jimmy Choo booties, Louis Vuitton cuff and Rick Owens sunglasses!

Kim Kardashian's Miami Style
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Valentino's spring 2013 collection

Myne dress, one of my favorites

Kim Kardashian's Miami Style - Celebuzz

Belle Noel necklace

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Eternally youthful, I love her.

Kate Moss in Fashion's New Looks

White pumps

Fashion Friday: White Pumps