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When Emma posed with a comatose Hermione Granger and loved it. | The 28 Most Flawless Emma Watson Moments Of 2013

The 28 Most Flawless Emma Watson Moments Of 2013

Spider, snakes and a lizard's head If I tattle tale I'll die till i'm dead

If I tattle tale, I'll die till I'm dead.

I LOVE this part hahaha it's too stinking funny I think of it every time I bake haha as well as "One tsp. Tsp?" "Teaspoon!" "Oh Teaspoon of course!" LOL

Oh Eugene, your poor smolder may never be the same again. ;c

Funny Pictures - 40 Pics

How To Train Your Dragon LOL :) Love this movie!!

This is hilarious! Ranking The 50 Hottest Dudes Of The "Harry Potter" Movies. the descriptions of the characters are hilarious!! But they are obviously NOT in order...David Tenant was only #12?!

I love making turtle jokes based on the movie Master of Disguise. "Turrrtle!"

I need to keep this gif to use in response to stupid comments online. : )

Oh my god, they're so adorable!!

Princess Bride = Inconceivably Awesome. I do not think that word means, what you think it means. Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die. He's only mostly dead! I'm not a witch I'm your wife. CLASSIC