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Combined Youth Activities

balloon stomp-every team members has a balloon tied to their leg (different color per team) then each team attempts to pop all of the balloons of the other team first

Hundreds of games, skits and songs.

Camp Games - The Ultimate Camp Resource

Youth Activities - Where's Waldo?

Youth Activities - Where's Waldo?

For the Strength of Youth Jeopardy game

Youth Group Game: This game is simple but requires players to be plugged in via texting. Over a 24 hour period students are given random words via text. They must snap the most creative picture that summarizes that word. They cannot use old pictures or photos from the web. It must be content from their work. Images can be uploaded to a group in flickr. Display the group pics over large screen at youth group and have students and leaders can vote on winners.

Philly LDS Youth Activities: Combined Broom Hockey Fun

Fun Youth Activity! - combined YM/YW - Make up commercials for fake LDS products. "Apricot Tree Popcorn", "Magic Monson Matches", "Ammon's Fencing Academy", "Dancing with the Deacons", "Molly Mormon Muffin Mix", etc. This looks so funny!

bball with a twist- combined activity with YW vs. YM but the guys must wear baseball gloves on one hand and the other stays behind their backs

"The Amazing Race to Come Unto Christ 2014."  Our youth just completed this activity and it was a HUGE success!  We used it as a combined ac...

What We Did in Mutual: Speed Gaming! - Combined AP/YW Activities

Black Light Party-Young Men/Young Women-youth group activity. Fun game ideas

YW Designs: Favorite YW Activities (yw voted)

Cut shapes in a tarp - put duct tape on the edges. Fling. - Great youth games

Life-size Kerplunk game (with instructions).