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Bargello Crochet Stitch Pattern - Pattern is sized for baby blanket all the way up to king size.

2146 patterns to crochet!!!!!!. - Make all these circles in thin white thread, then hang them up like snowflakes for Christmas

Crocheted circles - with instructions in english

daisy | Debee Campos #crochet - I also like this patter for a large bathroom rug! Maybe with browns and yellows to match the shower curtain!

How to crochet a flat circle This is a great tutorial. Lots of patterns to learn how to do and easy to learn pictures.

Maybe I'm not the only one who doesn't like the Crochet Magic Circle? If that's a Yes, then give this method a try. Tracy's Crochet Bliss

Share your gift - teach someone to knit!

Rosie Hardy: Advice to the Bride & Groom: Getting the Best Wedding Photos. If you care about the end result of your wedding, you'll listen to every single one of these tips

DIY Bleach Gel – Printable Instructions A little cornstarch, water and a few tablespoons of bleach make this homemade version of a bleach pen.

Bleach Pen to draw a design on a t-shirt

@Tori Sdao Machado The DFS show?? ;)

You're Never Too Old To Do Stupid Things ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails...friends Don't let friends be stupid alone!

I say you're never too old for a theme Birthday Party.. Next year, I choose Magic Mike!!! Happy Birthday to me!

the first person i thought of was my best friend :) because well....we are getting old and we tend to pee a little when we laugh

I was at lunch with an old friend & pointed to two elderly ladies across the room, and said 'That will be us in 10 years'. She said 'That's a mirror'.