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Slide a car across a ribbon a few inches for every hour completed to track your progress.

Bronzing made EASY: Get a natural, summer glow by sweeping the bronzer across your nose and forehead and blending the color into your neck. Click through to shop all the products you'll need to get your bronze on!

  • Sarah Gartin

    Actually you should bring it down the neck a little bit to blend in. As long as you aren't wearing anything light colored or with a collar it should be fine. I do it all the time and it looks fantastic and well blended

  • Walgreens

    @Sarah Gartin we agree! Bronzer and makeup in general is all about blending. Blending down to the neck ensures that flawless finish. What you don't want is makeup that stops at the jawline, resulting in a two-toned look.

  • Sarah Gartin

    Yep, No one wants that "mask affect".

  • emma

    she looks orange...

  • Lisa Taylor

    Please Follow for follow!? I love your page girl!!

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Gingerbread decorating party. Use butcher block paper as tablecloth.

#DIY headbands. This one actually has directions! :)

How to Create a Kitchen Command Center

Love this! YOUR CHOICE of one Dr. Seuss LDS Youth posters by MomoPrints, $8.00

Alice in Wonderland themed Choice and Accountability lesson-- Pres. Monson's talk on the "3 Rs of Choice"-- (Cupcake Wars idea inspiration-- Shorten talk portion, set up cupcake wars tables with cupcakes, toppings and supplies for a display, one-hour time limit, judges, etc.)

A hairdresser's daily thought