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Hair and Beauty

OPI A-Piers To Be Tan

OPI A-Piers To Be Tan - Loxa Beauty

Auburn with sun kiss high lights. Love, love, love the colors together!

Auburn with sun kiss high lights | Fashions Orb

Candy Cane Nail art-easy peasy!

Candy Cane Nail art-easy peasy! - bridal hair style


OBSESSED with Oxblood

Fall 2013 Fashion Trend: Burgundy

This is the truth!! Almost a week since I've shaved and stubble is at a minimum. Lifesaver!! Ladies: put down the shaving creams and gels, use baby oil gel. It will change your shave game.


Mix just a small amount of cornstarch to your polish to make it matte. Apply quickly or else it will start to get clumpy. It may feel like it applies weird and clumpy but as it dries it will smooth itself out. (tip: the more cornstarch the more matte it will turn out!) enjoy!!!

15 Stunning Step-By-Step Makeup Ideas

Beautiful Neutral Smokey Eye Makeup - Winged Eyeliner - Lashes - Dark Red Lips

How to create a fade pink lips color - See tutorial now


Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda treatment RECIPE (check my personal blog to see if it really did turn my nails/cuticles whiter)

Cuticles DIY treatment recipe - What is the secret?

NAIL STRENGTHENER – 2 easy methods - See review

Eye makeup

How to get white toenails: mix a small amount of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together. Make into a paste. Get a tooth brush and scrub the paste onto your toenails. Then soak your toenails in the paste. Let them sit for 5-10 min. Then rinse off toes.

Accesories to keep you cuticles healthy-----------------------------------------------------------------Cuticles DIY treatment recipe + tutorial

How to be a Pretty Woman with This Makeup Guide