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yes, I am a Jack Russell Terrier Mom ~ Love that little 'Pirate'. Pirate adopted me when he was age 3 1/2 years, July 4th, 2013

Black and white + brown. Sweetie. Photo Moa

OMG I wish I could have seen my Sadie as a pup! (All-white Jack Russell Terrier)

Jack Russell Terrier puppies are the cutest dogs ever! adorable

Jack Russell Terrier puppies!

This needs to be a magazine cover... I love whitespace in shots like these. Just perfect.

jack russell puppy...I want a puppy with a mask like this so we can name him either Bandit or Ace..

There are good dogs, there are bad dogs, then there are Jack Russells. They are in a category all on their own.

Jack Russell # 1

Life is better with a Jack Russell - so true :) here to find out more

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