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I've Seen That Shape Before: Students learn the names of solid geometric shapes and explore their properties. At various centers, they use physical models of simple solid shapes, including cubes, cones, spheres, rectangular prisms, and triangular prisms.

I've Seen That Shape Before

What a cute, appealing way to do a counting lesson! Beads and glittery chenille stems!

Chasing Cheerios: Kindergarten Activity Bag...Math!

preparing your math stations...debbie diller...change out every nine weeks. Have a station for every common core objective.

A counting and numeral identification game to kids count on from any given number, allowing them to build more efficient number strategies. Fun & helpful.

Math Game: Snap Plus One

Perfect for equal groups or subtract to compare word problems

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A Place Called Kindergarten: giant story problems 1. read and find important information 2. draw a picture to show the story problem 3. write an equation to answer the story problem 4. write an answer to the question

shape talk: vertices and sides with popsicle sticks and play dough

Spotlight on Kindergarten: Moving on to Subtraction! (freebies)

CCSS.Math.1.NBT.B.2 Understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones. I love to feed my students. Here is a great activity. Pretzel sticks for tens and marshmallows for ones. Cute edible activity to teach place value.

Kids Create Subitizing Cards. (there's my favorite word again!)

free!..........subitizing slide show. over 30 cards to flash with your class!

Here's a nice post with a video on using subitizing dot plates. Includes a subitizing arrangement pattern chart.

Counting Hands Math Activity...very "hands on"! They look slightly creepy, but I'm sure the kids would love this one!

St. Patrick's Day Math Centers (Kindergarten) - 10 Different Activities! Addition, Subtraction, Counting by 10s, Ten Frames, Number Words, and Teen Number Writing!

Egg Carton Math "Shake Up" Games for addition and subtraction fact practice