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Outdoor kitchen table with sink fed by a garden hose.

Back Porch Sinks Web Site

18 Design Ideas for your Outdoor Space | FunCage

18 Design Ideas for your Outdoor Space

GREAT IDEA!! NO BUGS!! All you need is a package of Mason jars, some cotton string and some liquid citronella (find it in big jugs at any home-improvement store and even some grocery stores). Use a hammer and nail to poke a hole in the top of the lid, then pour in the citronella, put the top on and drop in the wick. Allow the string about 10 minutes to soak up some oil.

Hello Kirsti: Mason Jar Citronella Torches Tutorial

How to build an outdoor fireplace

Kamp-Rite Original Single Camping Tent Cot

Enjoy a Mosquito Free Summer??????