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You should be proud that you even managed to get dressed. | 28 T-Shirts For When You Literally Cannot

28 T-Shirts For When You Literally Cannot

Talking about fictional characters

This chart: | 33 Jokes Only “Game Of Thrones” Fans Will Understand

33 Jokes Only "Game Of Thrones" Fans Will Understand

Fast fact: Actually, linguistically speaking, that 'g' is the reason it's pronounced "lasan-ya", so it's not useless at all. It's Italian, y'all. :) ...I should probably pin these things to my secret snark board and shut up. ha.

My texting conversations have gone from an actual conversation to sending pictures of funny things I found on pinterest.

I love their aprons! I think I can use ths one for costuming too.

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Magic wand remote control, I WANT THIS SO BAD!!! Controls tv, dvd player, ipod docking station, light, maybe more! Watch link!!!

Magic Wand Remote Control @ Sharper Image

I do not know if I have ever seen anything more accurate. why do i put myself through this pain..

I don't always watch a movie based on a book I read but when Id o, I always point out everything that is different.

I find this far more touching than I should...but then, I'm the person who always sets my bookshelves up before anything else whenever I move. Because it's not home until I do.

Supernatural Birthday Game [I got Metatron. Yay! (I love/adore Curtis Armstrong, so its worth it ♥)]

Supernatural Necklace Set - BFF Fandom Besties Forever!


If you're in x-ray school, get out now and do something else. There's too many techs and not enough jobs.