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Sweets. Satsuma specialty, Harukoma.

Homemade cheese crackers.


Moss vegetable burger.


Cate by Gary Heery

Japanese MUJI Cafe Cheesecake of HONWAKA Suger.

Japanese sweets HARUKOMA.

Japanese cherries. Sato Nishiki.

Rose of the Orient. Was room to bloom.

Based on famous horse stew Aizu, to curry's taste in food Kesennuma Marumitu "hattou". Delicious, healthy!

Ecuador's banana plantations Tanabe lives.

Nagasaki specialty udon dish. #japan #nagasaki #japaneseSoulfood

Do not use milk eggs butter cookies. Shiho Nakashima's recipe. #japan #sweets

∠( ゚ω゚)/♡つくるぞ~!Well, I do!

日本には、鬼子母神のお話がある。我が子にたべさせるために人間の子どもをさらう女の鬼。神様が女の鬼の子をかくして、彼女は悔い改めた。代わりに神様は女の鬼にザクロの実をあたえて、女神にした。日本で梅雨に咲く花。日本で、はじめての子供の臓器提供と移植にささげる。 In Japan, there is talk of Kishibojin. Demon of woman steal children so that the person feeding the child. Hide the demon child of God is a woman, she repented. God gives the fruit of the pomegranate to the demon of a woman, was the goddess instead. Flowers that bloom in the rainy season in Japan. In Japan, organ donation and transplantation of children to devote the first time.