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Moving from an apartment to a house can be a big adjustment! Check out our blog for home decorating tips for your bigger space. #mykirklands #bloglovin!

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Learn the art of monogram and make it personal with monogrammed gifts! #mykirklands

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Who wouldn't want a $1,000 Kirkland's gift card to decorate the kids' room of your dreams?! Learn how to enter the Pin It Pretty Giveaway at our blog! #PinItPretty #mykirklands #kirklands

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We haven't completely figured men out.. but we did discover why they need their man cave! Learn why at our blog #ManCave #mykirklands

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Shopping for a Father's Day gift can be tricky! But Kirkland's can make your shopping easier! Check out our blog for Father's Day gifts do's and don'ts. #FathersDay #MyKirklands #Kirklands

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  • Nancy Hood

    Noooo! She looks like Stephen King's Christine!!! Scary!!!!

Who doesn't love nautical decor? We've got tips to make your home look like you're living the coastal life. Anchors aweigh! #MyKirklands #Kirklands

Anchors Aweigh: Nautical Decor for Any Home - My Kirklands Blog
  • Tracy Osborn

    I need to find a piano bench for coffee table for the lake!!! What a fun redo!!

Looking for the perfect anniversary gift? We can help you out! Check out our blog for some helpful tips. #MyKirklands #Kirklands

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