Touch Math Flash Cards - Addition and Subtraction

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**FREEBIE** Touch Point Numbers for Visual/Tactile Learners I have used touch points with my students and highly recommend it. They will see those points in their head long after they have been weaned off of them. No finger counting!

**FREEBIE** Touch Point Numbers for Visual/Tactile Learners

Touch Math Counting Cards- RTI?? for kinesthetic or tactile learners?

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Large Touch Point Subtraction Packet. Problems are extra large so students with motor problems can count the touch points independently.

Awesome touch point freebie. Addition practice with extra large touch points so students can complete it independently!

Free touch point number cards with peppermints. Cute, for the holidays!

Free Touch Point Number Practice Cards with Peppermints.

FREE download. Classroom Feud is a team game, so start by split class into 2 teams, & pick 1st 2 players. Ask a mental math question. When they know the answer, the student has to touch their side of the board. The one who touches first, & answers the question correctly, is the winner. When a question is answered correctly, they are taken to the score board where they roll a dice to determine the no. of points they win for their team.

Math Touch Points for Students' Desks

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