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"Find your own Calcutta." - Mother Teresa

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Truth! I'm getting there! Hoping to at least

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Go where God guides you .... Do what YOU can with the knowledge, wisdom, gifts & skills that God has blessed you with .... But at the end of the day, lay down your problems & go to sleep in the full trust & faith that God will take over. If it's still there in the morning, He will give you strength & guide your steps through it. ... You just need a little trust & faith as small as a mustard seed.

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Senior year

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Acceptance: It's taken me a little bit to get to this point, Mainly because you say one thing but act another way and do other things. Despite that, I am your friend and will continue to be your friend through out.

Yea, I would say so! Glad you got to catch up on your sleep! I know you had to be exhausted!

CS Lewis quote," Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage."

Don't forget what you came out of, but keep your eye's on the Lord! Our resentments will keep us sick; they are the number 1 offender. Forgiveness is powerful for the person forgiving - Set that bag of bricks down before God and let Him take that burden from you; and He will give you Peace.