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Back In the Day

The things I enjoyed as a young kiddo aka 90's/early 2000 stuff.

Cousin Skeeter- The flyest talking puppet.

Holes was great but this was definitely my favorite book wirtten Louis Sachar.

Starting to realize I got tricked into educational tv.

Even though I went to public school my parents were given the option of sending me to school in uniform or not. They usually chose to send me in these outfits anytime they could. Naturally I changed out of it anytime I could.

Cookie's Brand "Alyssa" Crisscross Jumper (Sizes 7 – 20)

You were so cool if you had a skip it.

I would always eat way too many of these and my tongue would get all weird but it was always worth it lol.

I read so many books out of this series.

I use to give my brother the silent treatment for days if he changed the channel from anything Lil' Bow Wow.

Remember the good old days of tape.

This was exactly what my gameboy looked like. Fairly sure I only played Pokemon on it.