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Stunning deep Red High Heels

So true. I mean still try to be nice but I would rather have someone say something mean to me to my face then have them act like my friend and say things behind my back. I'm not asking to be friends with everybody and I'm not saying I'm perfect and sure I make mistakes but I make a point not to talk about people behind their backs. I wish more people were real and not fake. Xoxo ~J

Bc Shannon needs jimmy choos :)

chicken feeder and the link shows a water version with nipples. What I like about this is the wide top opening as filling would be easier.

Deb Shops Tall High Heel #Boot with Studded Strap at Ankle $35.17

Jimmy Choo Silky Pump//

"Iron Fist" heels

  • Emma G

    I don't have ANY of these! I love the second from the bottom on the right side!! ♥

Iron Fist Ladies Fall12

Iron Fist American Nightmare Heels Lime Green From Iron Fist Price: $40.00

Now I just need them in electric blue. Or red. Or turquoise. Or yellow. Or any color but white or black.

Vera Wang Bridal Shoes

gonna do this with silver on a paid of beat up ole black heels :) love this!!!

Crazy heels by Julian Hakes

A special type of bride can pull these off

Emmas shoes in PINK!!! OMG

  • Emma G

    They're called "goldigger" and they have a gold tooth! ahahaha see the second last tooth?

slytherin shoes!