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More like this: balloon lights, fabric tape and royal crowns.

mason jar aluminum grain dispenser lid $4.25 - great for rice, beans and other staples.

Stick-N-Find —bluetooth stickers you place on items, then locate them with your phone! Must put on keys, jackets, ;)

Inflatable outdoor sofa, only $27! Perfect for laying out! I want for summer

Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

haymarket designs personalized beachtowels. so darling.

Calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your consumption, paces you throughout the day and motivates you to stick to your goal. Find it on Amazon for $20. Have to try this.

Pottery Barn Look-Alikes. This website takes items from pottery barn's catalog and finds a less expensive look-alike at another store.

Heavy sleeper? This dumbbell alarm clock will get you up AND get you buff: It shuts off only after you've done 30 bicep curls.

Doxie Hotdog Slicer....for the kids

baby proof outlet covers - just slide over to use, and closes automatically when you unplug.

This is the coolest bottle EVER!!! Put the formula in the bottom, water in the bottle and push to dispense formula into the water when needed. PERFECT for on the GO!!!

10 person water teeter totter! Looks so fun!

PRETTY GENIUS...reusable towels that you snap back together once you use and wash them. green, cost effective, pretty. [This is cool!]

Best. Sleeping. Bag. Ever!!!

Lightsaber knife, toasts the bread WHILE you cut it. WOW