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Catherine Drew (soon to be Licci)

Catherine Drew (soon to be Licci)

Some reasons why my hubby married me

Better do it immediately too, otherwise you're LAZY. In my case, it was blueberry muffins instead of Popsicles......#patients

Nursing Toms! These are SO CUTE!!!! I'm sure they'd absolutely KILL my feet, but I'd love them for going out to eat, or to a movie, or anyplace where I wasn't going to actually have to spend a lot of time on my feet. For people who are a LOT more flat-footed than me, these would be totally FAB!!!

The truth about nursing — Amen! Being a nurse is so much more then most people think or understand. I haven't started college but I have seen what nurses go through and I have an idea of what it's like. But that's not to say I know, because I don't. I can only imagine...

I want to be this nurse someday :) Even if the world may want to change me, I don't want to lose the heart of a beginner's compassion for patients.

  • Soft Kitty

    This so true. Sometimes when I'm having a crummy time at home I get to work and everything goes away. All my attention and care go to my pts and they appreciate me for that.

  • Hilary Osborne

    Thank you for the kind posts like this.

  • Hilary Osborne

    And I am not a nurse, I have been a patient.

  • Elizabeth Moore

    Being a nurse is a calling of your heart. Anyone can go to school and get the degree. This is what sets a caring and compassionate nurse from a person doing a job for a paycheck.

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