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Beauty school drop-out

Another Pinner Says: "Ok, so I am repining this because I just tried it and it actually works well. It doesn't hurt as bad as waxing and it's WAY better than shaving. I made it in the microwave and the directions say 2 min, but I did it for 3. It has lots of bubbles when cooking and it is almost completely clear when its done. Absolutely love it and SUPER CHEAP!! (Also I used an old t-shirt as strips) Good luck!"

Natural hair smoothing and softening treatment

Shading / highlighting day glow skin

Sonia Kashuk bronzer

brows by keikolynnsogreat, via Flickr

makeup tutorials.

  • m

    She makes it all look so easy!

Intense 12 min ab exercises without equipment

Super Shine, DIY style: A whole lotta olive oil and a tbsp of honey. Mix it up and work it through your hair. Leave in for at least half an hour - overnight’s even better. Result: Gleaming, soft, smooth, totally non-staticky hair

  • Reb Thack

    Keep a towel handy... Within 5minutes, olive oil was dripping down my face and neck.

  • Reb Thack

    It worked!

  • kitschycoo

    @Reb Thack Yay! Did you have lovely shiny hair? I'm worried this would make my hair greasy forever :)

  • Reb Thack

    Totally not greasy - I only shampooed twice, and that might have been overkill. Not as glossy as the picture, but a definite improvement... And sooooo soft and smooth. Next time, am doing it overnight!

  • kitschycoo

    Cool, thanks for letting me know!

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homemade hair remedies

Eye makeup techniques

Facial mapping. Why your face breaks out in certain places.

eye makeup

  • Raphaelle Yax

    Blowing into your makeup brushes causes moisture, and with moisture comes bacteria. Tap the brush lightly on the side of your sink, palm, eyeshadow container instead! Just as easy and no bacteria! Yay!

fantastic website with makeup tutorials