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Clothing ~ mid-1600's to late 1700's

How to make a hat

Mady's SCA Sewing Thingy: July 2011

Detail cuffs caraco jacket, c. 1740-50s. Sky blue brocaded silk (probably Spitalfields) with gold and silver leaf scrolls and floral motifs in coloured silk. Winged cuffs, short peplum skirt with two faux pockets.

A fine sky blue brocaded silk caraco jacket, circa

Cream silk sack-back and petticoat made from a mantua from the late 1730s. The fabric is embroidered with polychrome silks and gold thread in floral and gothic motifs, including architectural buildings and structures. Large peonies sprout from the roof of a ruined abbey flanked by pine trees, dominating a landscape set with three different cottages, cedar trees replete with cones, a Chinoiserie fence, and a pavilion with a flag flying, alternating with a giant flowering creeper

Detail of bodice front of Woman's dress - skirt and bodice, France (made), Hungary, c.1750, Silk. "Rich ornaments of yellow-leafed, red peonies; pink and purple flowers with many petals and silver leaves. The bodice is stiffened by stays and has a low cut; the silk cordon was corseted into the griffin head shaped hooks of the shoulder."

Portrait of a Lady in Brocade Robes, Before a Park with a Monument by Pieter Rijs, 1680 the Netherlands, Mercer Art Gallery Lots of patterns and pearls

Detail of an 18th century suit from the Amsterdam Museum.

Court Suit, 1770-1785, French, silk, velvet, satin, cotton. Purple velvet coat and breeches, lavishly embroidered with naturalistic flowers; white satin waistcoat, similarly embroidered. Belonging to Sir John Stanley of Alderley Bt. Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to George III.

An 18th century embroidered apron and a tamboured panel The circa 1740s apron of cream silk with a finely embroidered floral border, floral sprigs and uncut pocket slits in polychrome silk and metal threads, now mounted on stiff gauze (sd), 60 x 91cm; together with a late 18th century tamboured muslin panel depicting a foliate trellis design enclosing birds, animals and detailed floral studies, such as honeysuckle, pinks, lily-of-the-valley and daffodils, now mounted on purple shot silk

Bonhams : An 18th century embroidered apron and a tamboured panel

Detail of Frockcoat and waistcoat of embroidered silk, France (made) 1785, Worn by Axel von Fersen. Nordiska museet inv nr 154745.

Salmon/shrimp brocade sack back open robe, back view, 1765-1775. @Augusta Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Auctions

More inspirational striped pet-en-l’airs | Fuchsia's 18th century dress

Listed as a Caraco, 1775. The petticoat is 1720- Kyoto Museum

Early 18th Century embroidered stomacher with original lacings probably 1730 - 1740

Detail decoration, robe à la francaise (sack-back gown), England, 1760-1765. Yellow and white woven silk with a pattern of floral trails including honeysuckle and rosebuds, trimmed with silk fly fringe, lined with linen.

Cuff and button detail of a 1760s frock coat, horizontally striped maroon silk velvet with cut, uncut and voided areas, narrow standing band collar, fitted sleeves with 4" cuff. Augusta Auctions

Sacque gown, red striped ground, with brocaded multicolor flowers. 1760-70s. Whitaker Auction House.

Back view, Plaid silk sacque gown, c 1780s, Whitaker Auction House.