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Kitt Shapiro

Kitt Shapiro

Owner/Creator of lifestyle brand Simply Eartha, Accessories That SAY Something, a tribute to the beauty and wisdom of my mother, Eartha Kitt. Never dull.

  • Taylor Myatt

    There is no such thing as a teacup pug. Pugs come in one size- standard. Buying a "teacup" dog means you support puppy mills.

  • Dorothy Whisner

    There are legitimate breeds out there that breed down the size of the breed does not mean because you buy one you support puppy mills God for bid.

  • Genevieve Manatt

    I agree Dorothy!

  • Sarah

    Agreed Dorothy!!

Good tip for narrow hallway, do not over crowd, take it vertically up. A narrow console table with beautiful assortment of art and lots of wood texture. Interesting and so crisp!

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