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Three Branches of Government on Bookmarks lesson plan - good idea to help students remember what each branch is responsible for, hmmm. Maybe we should send some to our legislators - they seem to have forgotten.

Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources

Draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt. how proud will kids be to wear their original art designs! @rachel lara

Speech and Language LaunchPad: Similarities and differences game freebie

Supporting teachers in K-12 Social Studies instruction. Lesson plans, web sites, links to standards and assessment, technology integration resources and more.

"play campfire: build in classroom and have kids sit around and share out stories they have written. Could even have s'mores." I like this idea for singing campfire songs in the classroom :)

How to teach kindness? Start with an empty wreath.. have family send in odd and ends of ribbons.. when you oberve your students caught in the act of kindess, add a ribbon to the wreath! Let them choose the color and help them tie it.. as the year progresses, watch the wreath become more and more colorful!

Students can "pin" a heart when they see acts of kindness and caring! OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS!! Great reward to "earn" their way into our Holiday party. Doing this starting in December... Anyone wanna draw me a Grinch? :)

What If Everybody Did That? Explore consequences of behavior. Great for teaching rules at the beginning of the school year.