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Popcorn and a Movie

I have some strong opinions about movies, so I hope my bluntness doesn't offend anyone lol.... if it does, just remember it's only my opinion... even if it happens to be right :P

1993 Sleepless in Seattle; "mom never said shut up!"

French Kiss ~ I really like this movie, it's charming and sweet, a little funny, too :)

Pitch Black ~ ok, I'm not a huge sci fi person, but this is different somehow. The characters are deeper than in your average sci fi/horror, and Vin Diesel actually acts in this, lol.

Shakespeare in Love ~ I really like this movie, anyone who has ever done any theartre will appreciate it even more.... "I don't know, it's a mystery" ;)

Far and Away ~ I actually like this movie. It was before I decided Tom Cruise was a nutter and stopped liking him in films.

Rent ~ When this came out, I was so worried they would just eff it up. It's SUCH a fantastic live show. I'm pleased to say that it was not effed up at all :)

The Ref ~ It's not your typical Christmas movie, or your typical comedy, but I love it.