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Sunday School Crafts New Testament

Prison doors (Paul & Silas in jail) out of duct tape.

Visual to illustrate Judas's 30 pieces of silver

Thanks to a friend for sending this to me. It sums up why I think Valentine's Day is right up there with Easter and Christmas. Thank you Jesus, love you too!

Free Coloring Pages: Jesus Loves Me * Bible coloring pages

He is worthy crown of thorns and gold- Great Idea- still wishing I had patience to teach Sunday School

Lamb of God Craft, The Lord is my shepherd craft, Parable of the Lost Sheep craft, Easter craft

donkey Jesus Rode, pieces of Silver Judas, Oil lamps with olive oil

Easter craft

Easter Word Search - Sunday School Activity

The internet isn't exactly teeming with craft ideas for Resurrection Sunday that DO NOT have anything to do with bunnies or eggs.

O JUMENTINHO QUE SERVIU A JESUS! A entrada triunfal de JESUS em Jerusalém | ´¯`··._.·Blog da Tia Alê

When explaining salvation this illustration would be good for explaining how the blood of Jesus washes away our sins.

Great idea for teaching the Easter story - scroll half-way down the page.

Jesus Heals the Palsied Man Craft: We dressed our man in a cloth tunic and tied it on with a yarn belt. We laced his mat so that it could be lowered. One side was a sad face the other a happy face because he was healed. The kids colored their man and his bed. They had fun lacing his mat and decorating his bed.

Jesus Calms The Storm Craft Ship Craft --Luke 8:22

All Play On Sunday: God made me special==lots of ideas

The empty tomb …..He has risen. (Printables included)

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.... you must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect Him." Matthew 24:42-44

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Paper people - Day 2 Kingdom Rock craft and prayer idea. have children draw a family/friend and put them up around the sanctuary/worship area as a reminder that friends/family help us stand strong

Create this and put it in your classroom or encourage girls to put it in their lockers, on their fridge, or mirrors.

Love this idea. A prayer box, to fill with tangible things that remind the kids of what to thank God for and to pray for.

Prayer journal idea for the model prayer