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personal truths

aspects of my nature - get to know me as I come to know myself!!

Tikkun Daily Blog » Blog Archive » Some Thoughts about Trust

How they brainwash you in a psych ward

Tikkun Daily Blog - 'It’s Not So Easy to Be Rich' - Miki Kashtan

'Love or Fear – What Are You Afraid of?' - Carmen Allgood in Wake Up World

Vulnerability, Difference and Belonging - Miki Kashtan in TIKKUN

5 Things to Be Aware of Before You Gossip! - 'negative drama really is a bore… and in actually it says more about the person doing it than the actual person of topic....'

5 Things to Be Aware of Before You Gossip

the eyes being windows to the soul..' 'Peter Pyron's painting of Danny Finlay

'sorrow and confusion' - the paintings of Peter Byron

women choose men believing that they can change them - men choose women trusting that they will never change .....?

This house is a mess. Full of solid notions that keep turning into objects. And this larger grief.. that always needs to be folded

"The situation is grave: the way we lean over each other, the way years later we emerge: hunchbacked, hooded, with full grown tender things called souls" — Olena Kalytiak Davis (And Her Soul Out Of Nothing)