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Gunpowder & Lead

Topped off my "Zombie Killer" M4 with an ITS Tactical emblem on the butt-stock. - James B.

This is great!

  • R Veenstra

    Does it matter? Then there is another magazine, you have tot start counting again.

This was stage 1 in TX at the FB3G. Full auto with Katie Marie Francis in Jacksboro, TX ...

Reticle Infochart - learning sighting mistakes and correcting them


What's black and scary-looking? An assault weapon? #guncontrol

  • K Jamison

    @Stefani Smith Last time I checked, I had many purposes in the use of my guns, and have used them every weekend for fun and sport. My gun hasn't killed anyone, but I'd be willing to bet you more people this year have been killed or seriously injured by more "mustangs" than by an Smith & Wesson M Rifles...

  • K Jamison

    According to your logic, I've been using my rifle's and pistols wrong too....

  • Stefani Smith

    I personally do not consider pistols an assault weapon that was my point, that weapon does have many other uses I refer to assault weapons made for the military which are not necessary for other reasons

  • Stefani Smith

    I was simply thinking it was not really 2 things that are comparable to each other. Car makers do not intend for their product to kill.

  • K Jamison

    My M is considered by the "Feinstein" bill an "assault rifle". They aren't comparable but one kills more than double the innocent people per year than pistols as a result of careless or negligent actions of the driver. So why not blame the cars since we want to blame "assault" weapons and not the mentally deranged (over medicated)persons using them? Further more the "assault" weapons the government is going after are used in less than 1% of gun related deaths per year, so going after them seems ridiculous if the goal is to save innocent lives. #liberallogic

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A Brit tells us to disarm - Hey @PiersMorgan, Been There, Done That, Doesn't End Well For You.

Get RID of THIS IDIOT!!!! #piers #morgan #piersmorgan

How to Defend Yourself in Your Car

Remington 700 SPS .308 Win

Many varieties of AK's

NEMO Arms originally designed for their military partners. They are taking particular interest in offering "Spec Ops Mid" AR15.

NEMO Arms .300 Blackout Carbine. Proven function meets drop dead gorgeous.

ADDAX Piston 16" AR-15 with Magpul M93B Stock.

Carry One